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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Entrepreneur Hendy Setiono the Kebab King

BFM...Boyish Fourtysomething Millionaires....Not, that's not Hendy! Coz he is still in the twenties club.

I was really amazed when I heard his story and interview over BFM this morning.

How this young man started his Kebab store at the young tender age of 19...still in college.
Saw something while visiting his father who was working in Qatar at that time.

Went back to Surabaya...borrowed some money from his sister and started a pushcart Kebab joint outside his university. Trusted his gut feeling...willing to take risk and passionate about it. That's the essential of entrepreneurship, isn't it.

Today, Hendy has built an empire of over 1,000 stores in many countries. Within 10 years. With many F&B brands to his name.

Did he have a smooth sailing all the way? No...that would have been awful wouldn't it?
He 'failed' the first time he came to start Kebab Turki Baba Rafi in Malaysia in 2009. Did not really understand the local business culture and licensing requirements. Did that setback stop him?  I am sure you know the answer by now...came back and built more than 30 stores in Malaysia since 2012.

Some the things I learned in the short interview:

1. Start small...but dream BIG!
2. Start young....
3. Do not be afraid to fail.
4. Collaborate or Stagnate.
5. Duplicate massively
6. People are your asset

Thanks Hendy Setiono...I sure do hope to meet you one day.

p/s: Hopefully some of my children will be inspired too.