Scuba diving off Langkawi Island

Monday, August 23, 2010


Our aesthetic doctors just came back from Seoul after attending clinical workshops and preceptership with renowned Korean plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors on Acculift, a FDA approved procedure.

One of them Dr Cho Young Shin, a pioneer in Acculift has done more than 4,000 laser assisted lipolysis & lifting surgeries in the past 2 years! Watching her work is such an amazing experience in itself.

Minimally invasive body and face sculpting without going under general anaesthesia is the in-thing in Korea. Thousands of procedures have been done, and hundreds more each day.

Imagine sculpting away your double chin, eyebags or flabby arms during lunchtime and back to work later? Imagine sculpting away those love-handles or saddle-bags and go for a date. How about an instant six-pack abdomen?

It is such an exciting time....!!!

Malaysia, are you ready?