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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Accusculpt Laser Lipolysis

Some clinical photos from our archive.
Copyright of Dr Chin Shih Choon

Before Accusculpt Laser Lipolysis

After Accusculpt Laser lipolysis

Before Accusculpt Laser Lipolysis

After Accusculpt Laser lipolysis


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toxic investment mistakes that you must avoid at all costs!

From one of my millionaire friend, best-selling author and financial planner Milan Doshi...

Toxic investment mistakes that you must avoid at all costs!

Warren Buffett, the world’s richest and most successful investor for over 50 years follows two very simple, yet profound rules

Posted Date: Sep 24, 2009

By: Milan Doshi

Toxic investment mistakes that you must avoid at all costs!

Warren Buffett, the world’s richest and most successful investor for over 50 years follows two very simple, yet profound rules:

Rule #1: Don’t Lose Money


Rule #2: Don’t Forget Rule #1!

His two rules basically imply that it is imperative for everyone not to make any sort of silly investment mistakes that may cause you to take on high risks and lose money unnecessarily. In the case of bad stock selection or the wrong market timing, you can easily to lose up to 20 percent of your investment capital within a few short months. To recover your losses, you need to make returns of at least 25% on your remaining capital which may easily take you two years or longer to achieve. Take a look below:

Loss -20%

RM100,000 ------------> RM80,000

Gain +25%

RM80,000 ------------> RM100,000

It takes you over two years to just break-even in this example. After two years, even though you have recouped losses, you have lost precious time. Money is something that comes and goes. Whereas when time is lost, it is lost forever!

In my 10 years of conducting financial seminars, I have come across many people making all sorts of mistakes. Here are some of these toxic investment mistakes which you must avoid at all costs:

#1: You take financial advice from people who sell investment products, not successful investors. The right or wrong advice will have a big impact on both your current and future financial health. Many beginners start off by listening to friends and family members. They get free advice on what works and how to succeed. What they may not realise is that free advice can be very expensive.

#2: You do not have any written financial goals with regards to the number of properties, how much passive income, how much bank borrowing or good debts for property investments, what is your asset allocation model, what investment strategies you want to apply, etc. If you do not have any firm idea, you will not know which direction to head.

#3: Young people (i.e. less than 35 years old) focus the bulk of their time, energy and effort on investments when their investment capital is too little to have any sort of meaningful impact. Instead, they should be focusing on maximising their earning potential as they are at their prime earning age.

#4: You invest your hard earned money in high return investment scams and lose everything. Some people even lose a hundred percent or more in failed business ventures. In my opinion, taking business risks is acceptable. If you do not try, you will never know. As long as you plan to fail cheap and fail fast, it is worth taking a calculated risk.

#5: You buy investment funds and take risks hoping to make average returns of 7-9% per annum. Instead, you can pre-pay your car or housing loans and enjoy a guaranteed savings of 4-6% per annum with absolutely no risks! You should only invest provided there are opportunities where you can make double or even triple the amount you get by saving with minimal risks.

#6: Mistake number five automatically implies that if you are going to have any sort of loans till the day you retire, you cannot invest in investment funds till the day you retire! It is a fact that most Malaysians are expected to have some sort of loan till the day they retire.

#7: To diversify and reduce risks, you buy complex (e.g. structured, capital guaranteed, etc) investment funds that you do not quite understand. Many people even start diversifying when they are still young with their small investment capital. Warren Buffett likened the word ‘diversification’ to “de-worsification’. As long as you know what you are doing, it is not necessary to diversify.

#8: These investments funds have high sales charges of 3-5%. In fact you can buy similar funds with entry costs less than 0.6 percent! After all, is not a dollar saved equal to a dollar earned?

#9: You buy various products from banks and make them rich when it makes greater sense to buy bank shares and make yourself richer!

#10: You are not investing in low risks commercial properties giving high returns of over eight percent per annum with low entry costs. You can actually do so from as little as RM1,000 and enjoy absolutely no property or tenant management problems!

#11: Your first investment property is a landed house giving negative cashflow. This will limit the number of properties you can buy. For beginners, it is advisable to start off with apartments or condominiums as it is easy to achieve zero or positive cashflow every month.

#12: When you get married, you buy a dream home right away! Instead, it makes more sense to buy an investment property and rent a home for the first 10 to 15 years of your married life. As you may not have settled down career-wise and your young family needs changes, renting will give you the flexibility to move as and when the need arises.

#13: You buy a property or a home which you could not financially afford yet. Being young, you think that given time, this property will become affordable as your earnings increases due to promotion, salary increments, etc.

#14: You buy costly high-end residential properties. Instead you could have invested in commercial properties which give the best of both rental returns and capital appreciation. This is applicable if you have a budget of over RM1.5 million for real estate investments.

#15: You buy ‘cheap’ properties when it is a fact of life that ‘cheap things are never good’ and ‘good things are never cheap’! It is always worthwhile to pay a premium and buy the best properties in great locations.

#16: You purchase commercial properties in areas where the neighbourhood’s purchasing power is low. How well your commercial property does will depend on how well your tenant is able to make profits. A neighbourhood with low purchasing power will not do well compared to a richer neighbourhood.

#17: You purchase a dream retirement home when you are still 30 years away from retirement. As your future lifestyle, likes and dislikes will inevitably change, it is advisable to only think of buying a retirement home when you are only a few years away. For all you know, you may prefer to retire in another country!

#18: Your investments are unable to give decent returns to enable you to outperform your personal inflation rate of 6-10% per annum. Your family’s inflation rate will depend on you, your spouse and your children’s consumption patterns and lifestyle!

#19: You waste over an hour a day trading Forex or options. Yet, it is a known fact that over 90 percent of traders lose money and less than five percent break even. The profitable few are financial institutions who continue to invest millions of dollars every year into the latest high speed computers and proprietary trading software that are programmed to trade without emotions.

#20: You work hard and save to buy one investment property every few years. Whereas savvy investors creatively buy one property a year or even one every few months with little or no money down!!

#21: Your financial goal is to retire debt-free at age 65. On the other hand, smart investors aim to retire at age 45 or earlier by accumulating good debts of at least RM3 million via property investments!

#22: You wrongly focus on hitting a certain net worth instead of generating passive income. For example, when you retire debt-free, you must have RM1.8 million in fixed deposit at two percent per annum, in order to get RM3,000 a month for living expenses. Instead, you can actually get the same passive income by investing RM500,000 in properties!

No matter how hard you work or save, committing any of these 22 toxic investment mistakes will prevent you being Financially Free.

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Article Contributed by:

Milan Doshi

Financial Trainer and Best Selling Author of

“How You Can Become a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor!”

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Copyright by Milan Doshi

Thursday, September 27, 2012

REJUVENATE PROMOTION (until 30/11/2012)

MJ20-B: Pamper Yourself with an Intraceuticals™ Anti-Aging/Whitening Oxygen Facial & Neck Treatment (1.5 Hours)
Used by Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Justin Timberlake, Mezhgan Hussainy  
More info:
Special Offer: Rm 380
(Worth Rm 800: Microdermabrasion 250, Intraceutical Oxygen Face 350, Intraceutical Oxygen Neck 300)
***Weekdays only.

MJ20-LTN: Full Face Laser Soft Peel
For a refreshed, even toned, firmer & fairer skin & neck. Plus pore size reduction!Special Offer: Rm 388 (usual price Rm 600)

MJ20-A: Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Package
1 PRP (Stem cell treatment) + 2 Laser Toning + 1 AgePlus™
Rm 1688
(Worth Rm 3050: PRP 1800, Laser Toning X 2= 1000,  AgePlus™ Functional Food=250)
MJ20-C: DermDefine™ Clinical Skin Care
Special offer: Discount 10% off all products.
Plus FREE Radiance Perfect Crème Or Advance Eye Contour worth Rm 180 with purchases above Rm 600
MJ20-Filler: Dermal Filler Procedures
Juvederm Ultra Rm 1300 per 0.8 ml (Usual Price Rm 1800)
Restylane: Rm 1300 per ml (Usual Price Rm 1800)
Hyacorp Face: Rm 1200 per ml  (Usual Price Rm 1650) 

MJ20-Thread Lift: Bio-Meyisun PDO Thread lift procedures
(Wrinkle removal, Facelift, Neck treatment, Facial reshape, Eye area, Brow lift, Hair loss, Male genital procedure)
20% off normal price (From Rm 1200)

MJ20-S: AccuSculpt™ Facial Sculpture & Reshape
(Includes jowl, neck and double chin)
Rm 4800 (usual price Rm 7500)

MJ20-Lightsheer Duet™ Laser Hair Removal

Rm 988 for 6 sessions of underarm laser hair removal
Rm 1388 for 6 sessions of female facial hair removal

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Actress MayJune at MJ Skin Clinic

Actress, model and TV host MayJune Tan:

As an actress, model & TV host, my appearance and skin health is important to me.

I visited MJ Skin & Laser Clinic for their rejuvenating facial treatment and laser toning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing and pampering session at the cozy aesthetic and laser clinic. It has helped my skin become more radiant, youthful and evenly toned.

I’m using DermDefine™ Rejuvenating Complex and also the Triple Active Pure C Serum recommended by my aesthetic physician, Dr Chin. It has helped keep my skin supple, firm and radiant. I have confidence in the skin care as it is specially formulated by dermatologists and contained natural plant extracts, essential oils and hyaluronic acid.

I highly recommend MJ Skin & Laser Clinic as their doctors and staffs are professional in their conduct. They are friendly, courteous and do not intrude into my privacy.

The clinic is also equipped with the latest state of art laser machines and equipments.

MayJune Tan
Actress, Model and TV host

Monday, August 13, 2012

Silhouette Soft Lift

New....Available at MJ Aesthetic!

Silhouette Soft™ is a new treatment which is proven to counteract the effects of volume loss.

Silhouette Soft™ will allow you to arrest the signs of aging in a completely safe way – and one that lasts.

The components of Silhouette Soft are natural and entirely absorbable*.

After Silhouette Soft™ treatment, your cheeks will appear slightly elevated and will show more volume.

• Redefining your features the soft way : no incision

• Immediate natural results, a 30 minute treatment provided by your doctor

• Immediate return to work and social life after treatment

After a Silhouette Soft™ treatment you will notice that your appearance is relaxed and that your face appears refreshed.

The process provides rejuvenation but, at the same time, maintains the mobility and vivacity of your facial expressions.

Ask your doctor today at +60355412388  or what Silhouette Soft™ can do for you !

More info:

Silhouette Soft™ Sutures are made in Michigan, USA, and have been developed on the back of 6 years of experience in suspension sutures with cones, with the highest quality and care.

The raw materials used are authorized by the highest American Authorities of the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration).

The application of ISO 13485 standards in the company comply with the requirements of European Directive 93 / 42.

* Lactide Glicolide 82-18 and Polylactic Acid with bidirectional cones. All these ingredients are FDA cleared for the US market and CE.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 ways for women to shine at work

Ten tips on how women should project themselves positively at work.

VIMMELA Bendall is a trainer who specialises in communication coaching. Her areas of expertise are business and sales mentoring, relationship coaching and leadership coaching.

She has conducted training worldwide, challenging her clients to rethink their capability to achieve their dreams and goals.

Born in Johor Bharu, and now based in Sydney, Australia, Vimmela has been helping people achive their full potential for over 20 years.

She founded two training companies, Get Your Competitive Edge and Relationships Coaching, and also co-founded Transformational Training Centre in Malaysia.

Vimmela shares 10 tips on positive empowerment.

Empowering career women: Women climbing the corporate ladder need to step forward and assert their value.

1. Be tough but not macho
Toughness means being willing to make decisions, call the shots and take a tough stand without being aggressive. Demand results from your subordinates, fight for a bigger budget, say what you need to say and do what you need to do without compromising on your integrity.

2. Be brave
Workplace courage is about taking a stand or a risk. Take credit for accomplishments. On receiving a promotion or a pay raise, respond to it by stating the qualities and strengths you bring to the table.

Describe how you intend to use those strengths to better the company or the project at hand.

Getting a promotion isn’t a gift.You have worked hard for it and deserve it. When you fail to insist on credit for your accomplishments your spirit slowly shrinks.

The more women display courage in the workplace, the less such behaviour will be viewed as unusual.

3. Take charge
Stop complaining and do something about things you are not happy about. Be sure that you complete every conversation feeling empowered and at the same time leave the other party empowered too.

4. Update your skills
Pursue educational opportunities especially in communication, self-management, and decision making. Continue your education so that your skills don’t “grow old”, especially in the area of speaking and communication.

5. Speak up
Do a lot of different things, live life to the fullest, expand your knowledge and experience. Be interesting and have the ability to discuss most topics.

Go on job interviews even if you don’t want the job, make lateral moves. Opportunities are unscheduled and often disguised.

Commit to making one contribution at every meeting. Some women wait to be called on or have difficulty taking the floor. It may be necessary to interrupt to have your say. Do it. You must be heard to be counted.

6. Focus on the big picture
Micro-management is managing with excessive control or attention to detail. Micromanagers are control-obsessed, or they feel driven to push everyone around them to success, thus risk disempowering their colleagues. They ruin their colleagues’ confidence, hurt their performance, and frustrate them to the point where they quit.

Avoid falling into the perfectionist trap by keeping the big picture in mind. Eighty percent of output can be achieved in 20% of time spent.

Knowing where to focus your efforts is an advantage if not an outright requirement for managers.

7. Build confidence
True self-confidence includes the willingness to listen to feedback, admit mistakes and accept fallibility. Take on risky new jobs and projects and perform well at them.

8. Don’t use tag-lines
Eliminate tag-lines at the end of your sentences. For example “This is a good idea, don’t you think?” “We have the best team, right?”. What tag lines do is they weaken conviction and authority. Also eliminate words such as some, just, only, hopefully, and guess. This type of language minimises both the message and the messenger. “This is just a thought,” “I’m only a beginner,” “Hopefully, I’ve done a good job,” “I guess I have a question,” are weak statements. They signal a lack of confidence and tell the listener that it is not very important. Constantly apologising will have the same effect.

9. Take control of your career
Don’t sit passively waiting for opportunities to drop into your lap. When you set yourself a goal, try to be as specific as possible because it gives you a clear idea of what success looks like. Think of specific actions that need to be taken to reach your goal. Be clear and precise.

Take charge of your own public relations campaign so that your accomplishments are noticed and rewarded.

To achieve advancement, dress one level above your present position. If you are a supervisor, dress like a manager.

10. Learn to speak in public
One of the biggest mistakes women can make in their careers is not taking on public speaking. Public speaking is an opportunity for visibility and equal exposure. Confront your fear, get some coaching, and get out there and shine.

11. Learn to look good & youthful

For more info:

Friday, February 10, 2012

February Promotion Until 29/2/2012

Happy Valentine to all....
Special promotion for this 'love your loved ones' month.

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