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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tattoo Removal FAQ's

What’s the best way to remove a tattoo?

Although a tattoo looks like a simple painting, it’s actually a series of ink deposits deep within the skin – designed to last forever. Today it’s increasingly common for people to seek tattoo removal – for personal or professional reasons. Early methods carried a high risk of scarring, were painful and not very effective. The introduction of Q-Switched lasers greatly improved the process, allowing physicians and nurses to eliminate most tattoos with a high degree of success and very low risk of scarring. The Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers that use PhotoAcoustic energy are the gold standard lasers for tattoo removal, with a strong history of efficacy worldwide.

How does the laser remove the tattoo?

Lasers target tattoos with a very specific wavelength of light energy – in fact, a separate wavelength is needed for each ink color. The popular Q-Switched lasers use PhotoAcoustic energy to gently penetrate the skin and target tattoo ink. The light energy gently vibrates and shatters the tattoo ink into micro-particles that are eventually eliminated through the body’s natural processes. Because the laser delivers the energy in a very precise ‘beam,’ physicians and nurses can trace the design without damaging the surrounding skin.

How many laser treatments are needed to remove a tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal requires several sessions. On average, professional tattoos need 6 to 15 treatments, while amateur tattoos need four to five treatments, spaced approximately four to eight weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the size of the tattoo, the amount and type of ink used, and the depth of the ink in the skin. The location of the tattoo will also affect the clearance rate. Cost varies according to anatomical region and size.

Will the tattoo completely disappear?

After the first treatments, you’ll notice a temporary whitening of the treated area. Over time, the tattoo will fade and the skin returns to normal color. Lasers will generally eliminate about 95% of the tattoo.

Can all lasers remove colored tattoos?

Most lasers have at least two wavelengths to target dark (blue, black) and red inks. Advanced lasers with four wavelengths can target most multi-colored tattoos, including dark colors, red, orange, green, sky blue and yellow. Dark (blue, black) and red inks will resolve the best. Oranges and purples usually fade as well. Green, sky blue and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove, and additional treatments are needed to produce significant fading.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The Q-Switched lasers with PhotoAcoustic energy emit light in very short pulses. Patients say the pulses of light feel similar to snaps of small rubber bands on the skin, followed by a feeling of warmth. Because the tattoo ink absorbs the laser energy, some patients may feel mild discomfort as the nurse traces the design. The skin is cooled first with ice or or cold air. Topical anaesthetic creams can also be used.

What type of post-treatment care is necessary?

An ointment and dressing will be applied immediately after treatment and the area must be kept clean. Follow the post treatment instructions provided to you. You can take a shower the next day, although the treated area should never be scrubbed. If a scab forms it is important that you do not pick or scratch it.

Which laser is best laser for tattoo removal?

The RevLite laser represents the most advanced laser for removal of black and multi-colored tattoos from the company that pioneered the technology. The proprietary PTP setting (PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse) harnesses up to 60 percent more power for increased efficiency in treating a wide range of tattoos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MJ Open Day & Vanquish Preview


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Merdeka Raya Promotion 2014

Until 31/8/2014

 Vanquish Non-Surgical ‘Liposuction’
        Loses 3-13cm in a month.
Rm 6800 for 4 sessions (np Rm 12,000)
   *** Limit to 5 clients only

1.) MJ20-S: Exilis Facial Sculpture & Reshape
(Includes jowl, neck and double chin)
Rm 1800 for 4 sessions (np Rm 3600)

2.)  MJ20-A: LightSheer™ Duet Silky Smooth Laser Hair Removal
Underarm: Rm 988 for 6 sessions
Bikini Line: Rm 2288 for 6 sessions
Legs: Rm 2288 for 6 sessions

3.)  MJ20-B: Pamper Yourself with a Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial & Neck Treatment (1.5 Hours) 
Special Offer: Rm 288
(Worth Rm 515: MDA 250, Facial 120, Massage 80, Vit C Masque 65)

4.)  MJ20-C: DermDefine™ Clinical Skin Care  
Special offer: Discount 15% off all products.
·       Plus FREE DermDefine Intense Hydrating Serum         
         (Worth Rm120) with purchases above Rm 500

5.)  MJ20-LTN: Full Face Laser Soft Peel
For a refreshed, even toned, firmer & fairer skin & neck
Special Offer: Rm 388 (up Rm 600)  

6.)  MJ20-Filler: Dermal Filler Procedures
(Antiaging, Augmentation, Facelift)
Juvederm Voluma Full Face 8 Point Lift Rm 1800 

Restylane Perlane Lido: Rm 1400 per ml
Restylane Vital Rm 1200 per ml

Full face liquid facelift Rm 3800
(Restylane Perlane/Vital Lido Combi 3ml)

Full face liquid facelift Rm 4500
(Juvederm Voluma/Volbella/Ultra Combi 3ml)

Call us today at Tel +603-55412388 or sms +6012-627 3395

12-A, Jalan Singa D20/D, Seksyen 20, 40300 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vanquish @ MJ Aesthetic

Vanquish @ MJ Aesthetic™

Zaps away inches of fat without pain or surgery in 30 minutes…

Vanquish Fat Removal

Vanquish Fat Removal is a new state of the art, FDA Approved non-invasive Fat Removal and Fat Reduction procedure that eliminates unwanted “belly” fat using Safe RF Technology to destroy the fat cells.
Vanquish Fat Removal heats the fat cells in the abdomen without harming the skin or surrounding muscle.  Vanquish is for women and men who are having trouble losing those last few inches of fat around their stomach.

 Vanquish Fat Removal can help you eliminate Fat


Vanquish can eliminate Fat without the “side effects” associated with Liposuction or Gastric Bypass.  This new procedure does not require anaesthesia or the risk, since Vanquish is non-invasive there is no risk of infection or downtime.
The Vanquish procedure takes 30 minutes, you can return to work immediately without interrupting your personal or professional lifestyle.  Our doctors recommend 4 treatments to enjoy the maximum benefits.
Vanquish has minimal side effects, these may include redness of the skin and a slight warm sensation at the treatment site, there has been no reported pain following the procedure.

The Vanquish Fat Removal Advantage


Vanquish treatments cover larger areas in half the time of Cool Sculpting technology.
Vanquish is less expensive than other Non-Invasive procedures.
Vanquish Fat Removal is No-Touch and Non-Invasive unlike other fat reduction procedures.

Vanquish treatments only take 30 minutes and require no restrictions or limitations before or after the procedure.


The Vanquish system is a non-invasive, non-contact Selective RF Technology that selectively heat adipose tissue to the point of apoptosis, while surrounding tissue remains unaffected.

Who is a suitable candidate for treatment?

The Vanquish is for people who want a safe and proven method to remove their unwanted fat without the risks and discomfort of going under the knife. Suitable candidates possess good overall health.

When can I expect to see results?

At the end of your treatment series you will see and feel a noticeable difference.  Many patients are happier with the contour of their midsection.  They report that their pants fit looser around their waist and their muffin top has been decreased or eliminated

How long will results last?

As long as the patient maintains their current weight and lifestyle, the results should remain for an indefinite period of time.


Vanquish 4 weekly sessions

13 cm circumferential reduction


8 cm circumferential reduction

7 cm circumferential reduction

12 cm circumferential reduction

7 cm circumferential reduction in a man

9 cm circumferential reduction in a man

 Nice Abs after Vanquish


For more information, please call +603-5541 2388 today
SMS: +6012-637 3395

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Entrepreneur Hendy Setiono the Kebab King

BFM...Boyish Fourtysomething Millionaires....Not, that's not Hendy! Coz he is still in the twenties club.

I was really amazed when I heard his story and interview over BFM this morning.

How this young man started his Kebab store at the young tender age of 19...still in college.
Saw something while visiting his father who was working in Qatar at that time.

Went back to Surabaya...borrowed some money from his sister and started a pushcart Kebab joint outside his university. Trusted his gut feeling...willing to take risk and passionate about it. That's the essential of entrepreneurship, isn't it.

Today, Hendy has built an empire of over 1,000 stores in many countries. Within 10 years. With many F&B brands to his name.

Did he have a smooth sailing all the way? No...that would have been awful wouldn't it?
He 'failed' the first time he came to start Kebab Turki Baba Rafi in Malaysia in 2009. Did not really understand the local business culture and licensing requirements. Did that setback stop him?  I am sure you know the answer by now...came back and built more than 30 stores in Malaysia since 2012.

Some the things I learned in the short interview:

1. Start small...but dream BIG!
2. Start young....
3. Do not be afraid to fail.
4. Collaborate or Stagnate.
5. Duplicate massively
6. People are your asset

Thanks Hendy Setiono...I sure do hope to meet you one day.

p/s: Hopefully some of my children will be inspired too.