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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We are happy to be the Top 3 Aesthetic Clinic in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia based on Google search results and information on blogs and forums. We will continue to strive to be the best in service, best in safety and best in results for our clients. 

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

MSAM Conference 2017

Looking forward to the 4th Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine Conference 23-24th Sept 2017 at Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

There will be a plethora of speakers from UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, India, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand.

You wouldn't want to miss out on this. Seriously...

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Red Flags in Aesthetic Procedures

If you are considering an aesthetic procedure that involves injectables, please consider these red flags before you proceed.
Red Flag #1: The room is dirty.
Red Flag #2: The injector isn’t licensed.
Red Flag #3: The office has limited product options.
Red Flag #4: The injector is not experienced in facial injections.
Red Flag #5: Your injections are steeply discounted.
Red Flag #6: The doctor isn't looking at more than just injections.
Red Flag #7: Your doctor appears nervous.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Getting Botox or Fillers From a Salon or Spa? Here’s What You Should Consider.

It is getting quite common for beauty salons and spas to offer injectable treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers to customers who frequent their premises. They also advertise heavily and have special events that they organize to attract their customers to a Botox party or event to which a 'doctor' may be invited. If you are tempted to try a discounted session of Botox or fillers at a beauty salon or spa, here are some things you must consider beforehand:

Is The Person Doing The Injection Properly Trained?
Only trained and qualified medical professionals are authorised to administer injectable treatments like Botox and fillers. In some countries, this also includes registered nurses, but in Malaysia, only licensed doctors are allowed to practice injectable medical procedures.
The aesthetic physician should also have a LCP (Letter of Privileging and Credentialling) for aesthetic procedures from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
You should also be wary of any doctor that chooses to practice at a beauty salon rather than at his or her own clinic. Any doctor who is interested in more than quick profits will need to set up a place of business where patients can come to be treated. Doctors who choose to treat patients at a beauty salon are quite likely to be poorly experienced and have had limited training in the field. Specialized treatments like Botox, fillers, even chemical peels and lasers, all require training that is beyond the scope of a normal medical degree or medical posting. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor if they are properly trained and if they have any LCP credentials.
Are The Premises A Registered Medical Establishment?
Also, medical regulations prohibit a doctor from practicing at a place that he/she is not registered at. Their registered places of business must be listed on their APC (Annual Practicing Certificates), which are required to be publicly displayed. Places that practice medical procedures are also required to be registered with the Ministry of Health. 
Chances are, when you are getting an injectable treatment at a salon or spa, even if it’s only a vitamin injection, this is not legal in Malaysia.
Is the Botox Original?
Medical-grade products like Botox are also required to be tracked and must only be sold to registered healthcare companies. When getting injections at salons and spas, find out what kind of product they are using. Since they are not allowed to purchase the licensed product, they could be using fake products on you. This could endanger your life.
What Happens if There Is A Problem?
Another factor to consider is which party is going to be responsible if a problem occurs. In rare cases, allergies or other reactions to the injected product can and do occur, and if this does occur, will the salon or the doctor undertake the liability for the condition? In most cases, the patient is left to seek his or her own medical attention from a third party.
Is there a Cheap Botox?
Lastly, but not least, the reason a lot of people seek injectable treatments from salons or spas is because they advertise their prices to be much cheaper. As the old adage goes, cheap things are not so good, so it pays to be wary in these cases. The price of registered Botox and fillers is determined by the pharmaceutical companies, so everyone who buys from them is charged the same. In fact, only the doctors who are steady and regular users get the products at a bulk discount. If your salon is offering discounted injectables, they are probably either offering you fake products, or heavily diluted products that do not work as well. Either way, the result will never be the same as at a reputable, licensed clinic.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tattoo Removal FAQ's

What’s the best way to remove a tattoo?

Although a tattoo looks like a simple painting, it’s actually a series of ink deposits deep within the skin – designed to last forever. Today it’s increasingly common for people to seek tattoo removal – for personal or professional reasons. Early methods carried a high risk of scarring, were painful and not very effective. The introduction of Q-Switched lasers greatly improved the process, allowing physicians and nurses to eliminate most tattoos with a high degree of success and very low risk of scarring. The Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers that use PhotoAcoustic energy are the gold standard lasers for tattoo removal, with a strong history of efficacy worldwide.

How does the laser remove the tattoo?

Lasers target tattoos with a very specific wavelength of light energy – in fact, a separate wavelength is needed for each ink color. The popular Q-Switched lasers use PhotoAcoustic energy to gently penetrate the skin and target tattoo ink. The light energy gently vibrates and shatters the tattoo ink into micro-particles that are eventually eliminated through the body’s natural processes. Because the laser delivers the energy in a very precise ‘beam,’ physicians and nurses can trace the design without damaging the surrounding skin.

How many laser treatments are needed to remove a tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal requires several sessions. On average, professional tattoos need 6 to 15 treatments, while amateur tattoos need four to five treatments, spaced approximately four to eight weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the size of the tattoo, the amount and type of ink used, and the depth of the ink in the skin. The location of the tattoo will also affect the clearance rate. Cost varies according to anatomical region and size.

Will the tattoo completely disappear?

After the first treatments, you’ll notice a temporary whitening of the treated area. Over time, the tattoo will fade and the skin returns to normal color. Lasers will generally eliminate about 95% of the tattoo.

Can all lasers remove colored tattoos?

Most lasers have at least two wavelengths to target dark (blue, black) and red inks. Advanced lasers with four wavelengths can target most multi-colored tattoos, including dark colors, red, orange, green, sky blue and yellow. Dark (blue, black) and red inks will resolve the best. Oranges and purples usually fade as well. Green, sky blue and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove, and additional treatments are needed to produce significant fading.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The Q-Switched lasers with PhotoAcoustic energy emit light in very short pulses. Patients say the pulses of light feel similar to snaps of small rubber bands on the skin, followed by a feeling of warmth. Because the tattoo ink absorbs the laser energy, some patients may feel mild discomfort as the nurse traces the design. The skin is cooled first with ice or or cold air. Topical anaesthetic creams can also be used.

What type of post-treatment care is necessary?

An ointment and dressing will be applied immediately after treatment and the area must be kept clean. Follow the post treatment instructions provided to you. You can take a shower the next day, although the treated area should never be scrubbed. If a scab forms it is important that you do not pick or scratch it.

Which laser is best laser for tattoo removal?

The RevLite laser represents the most advanced laser for removal of black and multi-colored tattoos from the company that pioneered the technology. The proprietary PTP setting (PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse) harnesses up to 60 percent more power for increased efficiency in treating a wide range of tattoos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MJ Open Day & Vanquish Preview


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Merdeka Raya Promotion 2014

Until 31/8/2014

 Vanquish Non-Surgical ‘Liposuction’
        Loses 3-13cm in a month.
Rm 6800 for 4 sessions (np Rm 12,000)
   *** Limit to 5 clients only

1.) MJ20-S: Exilis Facial Sculpture & Reshape
(Includes jowl, neck and double chin)
Rm 1800 for 4 sessions (np Rm 3600)

2.)  MJ20-A: LightSheer™ Duet Silky Smooth Laser Hair Removal
Underarm: Rm 988 for 6 sessions
Bikini Line: Rm 2288 for 6 sessions
Legs: Rm 2288 for 6 sessions

3.)  MJ20-B: Pamper Yourself with a Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial & Neck Treatment (1.5 Hours) 
Special Offer: Rm 288
(Worth Rm 515: MDA 250, Facial 120, Massage 80, Vit C Masque 65)

4.)  MJ20-C: DermDefine™ Clinical Skin Care  
Special offer: Discount 15% off all products.
·       Plus FREE DermDefine Intense Hydrating Serum         
         (Worth Rm120) with purchases above Rm 500

5.)  MJ20-LTN: Full Face Laser Soft Peel
For a refreshed, even toned, firmer & fairer skin & neck
Special Offer: Rm 388 (up Rm 600)  

6.)  MJ20-Filler: Dermal Filler Procedures
(Antiaging, Augmentation, Facelift)
Juvederm Voluma Full Face 8 Point Lift Rm 1800 

Restylane Perlane Lido: Rm 1400 per ml
Restylane Vital Rm 1200 per ml

Full face liquid facelift Rm 3800
(Restylane Perlane/Vital Lido Combi 3ml)

Full face liquid facelift Rm 4500
(Juvederm Voluma/Volbella/Ultra Combi 3ml)

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